Anna Jowell- Project Manager, EarthCorps

“Orcas are this wonderful being that are massive and have these beautiful social communities that we’re learning about, because most of us don’t encounter them often, it can be easy to forget how connected the orca are in how we live our daily lives. These beings are really an indicator for the overall health of the greater Salish Sea ecosystem and how well the surrounding habitats and species within them are doing. If our orca are struggling, we need to listen to that, pay attention, and take action."

Ebony Wellborn- Director of Corporate Advancement, SeaPotential

“[Orca] are sentient beings, they have emotions, a heart, and their own consciousness. Just as we try to protect humans, we want to protect these non-human species as well. I think they're important, one, solely based off the fact that they are living breathing beings.Two, you can add the ecological role that they play in being a keystone species and connecting all of these other animals to each other.”

Nora Nickum- Ocean Policy Manager, Seattle Aquarium

“I think the orcas are amazing in their own right—their culture is amazing, the way they communicate, their family bonds, their social structure, how skilled they are at hunting out salmon from different rivers at different times of the year. The more I learn about them the more incredible I think they are.”

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